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About NOW Fitness

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Now Fitness is more than a gym; we are a group of people dedicated to improving the lives of our family, friends, and community. We rely on functional movement and a competitive, but fun and supportive environment to help our members reach their fitness goals. Our goal is to ingrain the correct movement patterns in sports/athletics this consists of jumping, Plyometric, barbell movements, shock absorption, linear/lateral movements. Our science based and proven program will make you the strongest and best conditioned you have ever been!! GOALS-Injury Prevention-Mobility-Biomechanics (movement patterns-Strength and Conditioning-Programming includes but is not limited to:​Mobility-Decreased risk of injury-Movements will become more fluid-Increase recovery rate​Biomechanics-Proper movements patterns. We break down proper running form the ankle up to the head, This includes first step, acceleration, top end speed and body placement for deceleration.-Proper lateral movement preparation. Each athlete needs to be in the best possible position when transitioning from a linear sprint to a quick violent lateral movement or jumping movement to the landing aspect. All actions must become second nature.​Strength and Conditioning-Core, shoulders, knee and hip stability this is done by creating larger tensile strength in the ligaments and tendons through a true plyometric and jump training program-Bodyweight/Kettlebell/Olympic/power weightlifting base.​Nutritional Guidance-Will help athletes with sports nutrition in season and out off seasonCharacter Development-If the athlete wants to be successful he or she must develop a work ethic that supersedes the competition-Success is not given it is earned in the off-season, they will learn how to work hard and how to fight through the adversity with their fellow teammatesWe created this environment to empower you to choose the life you want to lead. This is not a place where we keep machines for you to use - this is a place where we help you turn your body and mind into a highly functional and efficient machine. We accomplish this by training members in a small group setting rather than leaving you on your own with machines that can't provide positive and constructive feedback. 


Corey Creighton and Brianna Crim 

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